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CRM Data Management

We specialize in cleansing your data pool, merging duplicate records and maintaining a clean CRM. Poor CRM Data Management can cause duplication of marketing efforts, poor customer experience and loss of revenue. 

Online Review Management 

Online reviews are the key to your dealerships SEO. A proper request for a review from every customer and a quick, detailed response to every review is key to growing your online presense.

CRM Campaigns

Internal campaigns using your data and your CRM are the fastest, most customizable way to find more profitable transactions for your dealership. Proper utilization of your CRM's campaign/marketing tool can mean the difference in a good month and a GREAT month!

CRM Process Review

A strong follow-up process is an essential part of the automotive industry. Most customer's purchase between the 8th and 15th contact attempt. How many contact attempts happen before your salesperson gives up? We can freshen your process to strengthen your follow-up.

CRM Process Management

After an initial process review, process management is the key to success. We provide daily monitoring and feedback so that your Sales Managers can coach your teach to the next level. Level up your CRM to level up your dealership.

Inventory Merchandising

Do your vehicle photos present a consistent theme and represent your dealership to the fullest? Proper vehicle merchandising elevates the customer experience and helps them choose your dealership to buy from.

BDC Installation

Business Development Centers within a dealership can be the missing piece to take your sales team to the next level. We will recruit, hire, and train your BDC representatives to ensure top-notch customer service and industry leading appointment setting standards are achieved.

BDC Training

Ongoing phone, customer service, and appointment setting training is the key to keeping those bad habits from forming. We offer ongoing weekly, monthly, and quarterly training options to suit your business needs. 

BDC Management

Daily lead monitoring, response coaching, and reporting help ensure your BDC is performing to its potential. We have the tools and the knowledge to help your dealership's BDC step up to the next level.

Service Drive Marketing

A strong service drive marketing and follow-up process will not only enhance your customer experience, it will grow your dealership revenue 10x over when properly executed. We take the guess work out of the service drive marketing process.

Service to Sales Process

Did you know that your most effective customer to market in your dealership is your service customer? Doing this in the correct manner is the key to selling more vehicles out of your service drive. Vehicle exchange programs enhance your customer experience and your dealerships bottom line. 

Sales Training/Development

New hires, old hires and everyone in between benefit from sales training, refresher training and process improvement. We have one-on-one and class options and we will customize a solution to meet your dealership needs. 

Helping Take Your Dealership to the Next Level

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